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What type am I?

What type am I?

For a long time, the topic of "beauty and skin care" concerned women only. Those times have passed: men too have a word or two to add. To stay perfectly informed, here you will find all you need to know on the topic of pots, creams, cosmetics and skin care products!

Part 1

Skin type and its characteristics

Oily skin is recognised as follows:

  • The skin is shiny with enlarged pores.
  • It is prone to skin blemishes such as spots and blackheads.
  • Hair becomes greasy very quickly.


Combination skin is recognised as follows:

  • The skin is shiny, especially on the chin, nose and forehead (T-zone), the pores are enlarged.
  • The skin is prone to blackheads and spots in the T-zone.
  • Hair becomes greasy quickly.


Dry skin is recognised as follows:

  • The skin is not very supple.
  • It is dry and rough.
  • It has very fine pores.


Sensitive skin is recognised as follows:

  • The skin is quickly irritated by external influences, such as the cold.
  • It is prone to redness or reactions.
  • It feels tight, hot or itchy in places.


The particularities of men’s skin:

  • Men’s skin is normally thicker, stronger and firmer.
  • It is subject to the same stresses as women’s skin, but is, however, put under additional strain by daily shaving.
  • It is oilier than women’s skin and more prone to impurities. Light fluids (e.g. ) and gels are thus recommended for men’s skin.
  • Men’s skin contains more collagen and ages later, but more quickly and noticeably. Anti-wrinkle skin care products (e.g. ) should be particularly moisturising and contain little oil.

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